Testimonies from RLT governors

Anyone over the age of 18 can become a school governor. You do not have to be a parent or have any connection with a school to be a governor, although many governors are and do. What you do need to have is a desire to make a difference to the lives and prospects of children and young people.

The role of a
governor is to…

  • Set the school’s strategic direction and vision
  • Hold the headteacher to account for a school’s educational performance
  • Make sure the school’s budget is properly managed and money is well spent
  • Support and challenge the school for the benefit of the whole school community.
What is a
community governor?

A community governor is someone who does not necessarily have a connection with a school but would like to contribute their skills and experience to make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

Do I have skills that
are useful?

Community governors are not all accountants, lawyers, business owners and retired teachers. People with all kinds of professional expertise can make a difference. They can be skilled in IT, admin, HR, health and safety, marketing, building, local government, engineering and a whole host of other areas. The key is to have something to give and to be motivated and able to give it.

How much time
does this take?

The average time commitment is five to eight hours per month. This includes meetings, reading in preparation for meetings, and school visits. Meetings usually take place in the evening. Governors may also be required to attend training events – online or in person.

What are the rewards of being a school governor?

The rewards for governors are the same as they are for anyone who volunteers – a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment at having given something back to the community. Being a governor also allows you to develop skills that you can take back into your working life. It is also a great chance to  meet and work with people from different walks of life but with a similar sense of duty and service.

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