The Education Board

The members of the Education Board are the Headteachers of each school, the Trust Support and Challenge Partners and the Chief Executive.

This Board has responsibility for driving improvement in achievement, attainment and performance of every school; identifying and sharing excellent pedagogy and teaching practice; identifying and sharing curriculum developments that will enhance educational opportunities and performance for children in the Trust; creating opportunities for staff development to improve performance, achieve CPLD and maximise the retention of excellent teachers; and conducting the educational aspects of due diligence for schools seeking to join the Trust and for schools that the Trust may sponsor.

Further details about their work can be found in the Trust constitution here.

Diocesan Board of Education

As a mixed multi-academy trust with both community and Church of England schools the Diocesan Board of Education acts as a Member of the Trust in a corporate capacity through the Diocesan Director of Education or otherwise as it shall direct. Further details about the Diocesan Board of Education can be found here: